Its beginning to look alot like, a horror movie marathon

This is the perfect night for a horror movie marathon. Its rainy and rather unappealing to venture out, and everyone I know is MIA. Thus begins a horror movie night of epic proportions. I have to say I love the genre of horror. It can be great on so many levels. From the downright disturbing nature of “Audition” to the laughable nature of ” Bordello of blood.” These slow nights make me take stock my morbid fixation.

I take a look in my vast DVD collection to choose tonight’s menu. I think ill go with a hell raiser movie marathon. My overall review of the “Hell raiser” movies is that they fall quite flat after the first two releases. The first outing was quite different for its time. I was meant to be more of a metaphor for S&M than just a straight forward monster movie. Too bad most movies that start off with a deeper meaning, it also dumbed down for uninterested audiences. Rather than being angels to some and demons to others, he became a standard brand X boogie man.

This is the fate to all horror movie antagonists that make it past their first outing. Other great example is Jigsaw in the “Saw” films. This was another film that was too original for its own good. Some call it the birth of the torture porn horror movie. In retrospect, Hell raiser could be the grandfather to this movie. Needless to say, Jigsaw is along with his fellow villains as a shock and nothing more.

Needless to say horror movies will never be revered as serious cinema until we can have layers of skin rather than cutting straight to the jugular. We as fans have to demand more out of our movies rather than a quick fix. That being said, I do enjoy a mindless slasher film from time to time. Change of plans, it’s going to be Friday the 13th night after all.


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