Cloudy in Gotham

I have to say that Batman is my all-time favorite superhero of all time. It seems to me that the more iconic the character is, the more difficult it is to recreate using your own style. This is my first real complete work of the dark knight. I do like the new uniform, but the yellow symbol is a bit much. I hope you like my shot at the Batman.

Darkus Knightus
The batman

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jonathan Ernest says:

    I really like this pix, but you know Batman can’t touch the original superhearo. SUPERMAN


  2. ironichamp says:

    Our age old argument continues Jon lol. You know what, ill do a superman pic for you just to balance things out.


  3. mike sr says:

    hey johnny got it all wrong the bat is the greatest no powers allthe heros fear him even the beloved superman….


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