My Top Ten Rivals

I think there is a thin line between enemies and rivals. A rival is someone that doesn’t necessarily want to harm you, just be better than you. They train, study, practice every waking day to have that one opportunity to best you. That is my idea of a true rival, so here’s my personal list of the best rivals that came to mind.


                                       10.  Elle Driver Vs. Beatrix Kiddo

Ladies first I always say. This is a rivalry that took place in Quentin Tarrantino’s modern classic “Kill Bill.” Here we have two of the deadiest women in the world fighting for the affection for the film’s main villain Bill. Elle represents a twisted version of the bride, and there is no love lost between them. So they make my list just because their final confrontation is a sight to behold…see what I did there?


9. Gizmo Vs. Stripe 

These two remind me of a college party. Stripe is the rowdy drunk buddy who is ruining the party, and Gizmo is just trying to keep the peace. Originally from the “Gremlins” franchise these two tiny titans have just about nothing in common. One loves peace, and the other loves carnage. Being so drastically opposed their destined to ruin each other’s good time.


8. Superman Vs. Batman

Brains vs. brawn, Finesse Vs. Strong-arm tactics. They are as alike as they are different. One is bathed in darkness and uses his expertise of the criminal mind to drive evil doers into a frenzy of fear. The other is a symbol of light and hope and Is a immovable rock in the way of all who oppose truth, justice, and the American way. They do not have any problems with each other, just different methods to get the job done. So they make a very interesting rivalry.


7. Bill Compton Vs. Eric Northman

There is nothing that can spark a rivalry like winning the affections of a beautiful woman. In this case its slightly more complicated than that. From the series ” True Blood” These two vampire suitors fight for the love of the series main character Sookie. While one is more open about his convictions and naturally gains Sookie’s trust, the other is a bit more manipulative about his true intentions. Which makes the their lover’s duel that much more interesting.


6.Freddy Vs. Jason

Anything you can do, I can do better. This was a rivalry set in motion decades before it was made into a feature film. Freddy Krueger wanted to use Jason as a puppet to cause havoc on his favorite place in the world Elm st., but after Jason’s rampage became too efficient the rivalry was born. They have there own style of taking care of business, but Freddy is always trying to out do his silent rival. Good stuff.


5. Wolverine Vs. Sabretooth

This is one of my favorite rivalries in all of comic books. The two just hate each other so much its epic whenever there in the same place at the same time. Once good friends they had the falling out of the century, and have since been at each other’s throats. It cracks me up that Sabretooth will drop everything to hunt Wolverine down on his birthday to try to kill him. That’s a level of dedication most rivals dream of.


4.Mario Vs. Luigi

Brother vs. brother, you cant get much better than that. Super Mario Bros. is one of the quintessential video games of all time, so its fitting their star characters make the list. Having starred in more games than I can count, the Mario bros. have been head to head for decades. Im personally a Luigi fan so I would always pick him, but there was always a Mario player to give me a hard time.


3. Goku Vs. Vegeta

This is one of the most epic rivalries of all time. From the amazing “Dragon Ball Z” series, these two have been at odds since the very beginning. Vegeta is always trailing Goku in both power and skill. Always right behind him and being so competitive its just crazy. Even going far enough to sell his soul to the devil to receive a power boost that he thought would give him the edge to finally best Goku. Vegeta is the ultimate rival in all of anime.


2. Bugs Bunny V.s Daffy Duck

Looney Tunes for the win. Growing up watching the Looney Tunes I didn’t know what rivalry meant, but I knew these two embodied it. Always trying to outsmart each other, Bugs and Daffy knew exactly how to push each other’s buttons. My favorite moment is when Bugs became the actual artist and was pretty much torturing Daffy who was just trying to make a show. So classic definitely my #2.


1. Ryu Vs. Ken

They are the reason I even thought to make this list. The perfect example of pure rivalry. From the popular “Street Fighter” series, Ryu and Ken are mirror reflections of each other only in skills. One is the stoic loner who wants to only become a better fighter. The other is a playboy who went to Japan to learn the secret mysteries of Karate. Training under the same Sensei, they worked hard to gain favor from their Karate master. Friends through and through they only want to make each other better. When ever you fight them against themselves, they fist bump with a smile on their faces before each match. As a kid I thought that was always cool.

True Rivals aren’t enemies, and not necessarily friends. They work to make themselves better no matter their individual reasons for doing so. In the end, their both better for it.


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