Video Game Developers Can Make this Comic Book Into A Great Game. My Wishlist.

Comic books have been the laughing stock of the video game industry since the Atari 2600. From Superman on the Nintendo 64 to the Horrible Aquaman game on the PS2, Comic books and video games have been like oil and water. Only recently has the Batman: Arkham series shined a potential light on this sullied genre. Who can make this comic book great? I have attempted to make my wish list on who would make this comic book game of the year worthy.

10. Superman by SCE Santa Monica Studio


This was pretty tough for me to validate. Who could make a good superman game? Many developers have tried and failed, badly. Though I believe SCE Santa Monica could crack the kryptonian cookie. It would be action packed, filled with jaw dropping battle scenes and insane combat combinations due to  Superman’s extensive power set. Even though there wouldn’t be much “human” blood, there would be plenty of aliens and robots for Superman to destroy in inventive ways. Not the mention the epic boss battle that would ensue. After thinking about it, I believe they could knock it out of the park.

9. Daredevil by Konami Computer Entertainment Japan 


This would be a character Hideo Kojima could really sink his teeth into. The Metal Gear series relies heavily on its stealth aspects as well as action packed missions that pit the series main character Solid Snake against other worldly enemies and bosses. I think this style of storytelling and game play would lend itself well to the devil of Hell’s Kitchen. I slight warp of the story line with Daredevil infiltrating enemy bases and using is hyper senses and radar sense to avoid and gain the upper-hand on the opposition.There can even be a bit of parkay action ala assassins creed. with a mix of these two styles of game-play I would be amazed if it would not be game of the year.

8. Thor by From Software 


This is where the list begins to get a bit more creative. From Software is the developer of recent blockbuster games “Demon Souls” and “Dark Souls.” Both games are known for their stunning graphics and unforgiving difficulty. I think this would lend quite well to the all powerful god of thunder. This game would give you no breaks when trying the save the nine realms from the forces of evil. Thor constantly dying and being sent to Valhalla to reach his corpse to continue where you left off would force you to master every aspect of the game. With the right visuals and a steady balance of action and story this would not be the easiest game on this list, but the most fulfilling.

7. Dr.Stange by Visceral Games 


This would be a game that would give Marvel heroes a new sense of horror. Dr. Strange’s comic roots are in the darker aspects of the Marvel Universe, which is why he would be a perfect fit for Visceral Games. You can have gore and atmospheric scares and still have action filled sections of the game. Dr. Strange is the sorcerer supreme, and his powers would even the match against a legion of demons and ghouls looking to take his head. with a limited astral form he can catch a quick glimpse of what lurking behind the next corner, but leaves you totally powerless against passing horrors. I think this would shine a black light on the gaming industry, and create a new comic book horror genre.

6. The Walking Dead by Turtle Rock Studios 


This is a match made in heaven. The best zombie based comic partnered with the best zombie based video game. Due to the intense story of the walking dead, it would be more survival horror than a straight forward multiplayer. Infighting, betrayals and character development would make this the pinnacle of survival horror games. Multiplayer would be insane. You can choose from one of the main characters to fend of the zombie hordes. I would personally choose Michonne with her sick katana skills. Sorry TV show watchers, you just got a glimpse into the future. This would easily be a top ten game on any gaming list.

5. Green Lantern by Bethesda Game Studios 


Here it is, top five. This is one of the more creative choices on the list. Bethesda Game Studios is the developer of two of the best RPG game franchises on the market today, the Fallout series and the Elder Scrolls Series. Here you can truly experience what it is to be a Lantern, may it be a green,red,blue,yellow, or even a star sapphire. The threat of the black lanterns looms over the universe. so you must help rally the lantern factions together to prepare for the final battle, the blackest night. Choose which lantern corps you want to join depending on your style of game-play and begin your adventure. This would lend well to the developers create your player mechanic and skill building abilities. The more I talk about this idea the more I want to play it. This one really needs to happen.

4. Captain America by Naughty Dog Studios


Naughty Dogs Studios is the developer of the smash hit “Uncharted.” This game is a globe trotting adventure filled with non stop action and great character moments. This would be the perfect vehicle for the star spangled avenger. Captain America would be in a race against Hydra searching for the cosmic cube. All of Caps abilities would be at your disposal in the action romp. It would be a great glimpse into Marvel Comics with guest stars from all over the Marvel Universe. I would be perfect in my humble opinion.Story plus great action sequences will make a amazing game every time.

3. X-Men by Gearbox Software


I’ve got two words for you… Multi-player. Gearbox Software came out of nowhere with their sleeper hit “Borderlands”. With a heavy action base and a seasoning of RPG aspects this could cater to any and all gamers and comic geeks alike. you can choose your favorite X-Man and level them up to the peek of perfection, team up with fellow X-men to take on the dangers of a world who hates and fears you. Co-Op would we key in defeating some of the games more challenging areas. There could be even a bit of PVP with your sup’d up character proving he/she is the toughest mutant around. It would be pure fun, and bring on endless hours of game-play for years to come.

2. Wolverine by Rockstar Studios


This is definitely a game I would love to see. Rockstar Games is one of the more unorthodox developers on the market. Creating such instant classics like the Grand Theft Auto series and Red dead Redemption, Wolverine would be a well fit for them. Spanning from rural Canada to Japan and ending on Genosha, we will have time to see Logan’s epic tale told right. Bullet-time action, random encounters with mutants and killers looking to skin themselves a wolverine would keep the pace high. You could use his keen senses to locate the bastards at weapon x who betrayed you. This would be more than a action game, more than a open world experience. It could have the possibility to be a revelation.

1. Spider-Man by Rocksteady Studios


This is the idea that gave birth to the entire list. After completing Arkham City’s story mode, I thought why can’t Marvel do something this epic. Then While flying across the city, I imagined I was spider-man. Web-slinging  and using his spider sense to locate nearby enemies and the secrets of an area. Digging deeper into the lore,They would be able to give spider-man’s villains the spotlight. Spider-man has had his share of success in the gaming world, but nothing compared to the united praise of the Arkham series. I want this for the web-head, and know he would lend well to this style of game-play.

Honorable mentions go to:

The Flash = polyphony Digital (Gran Turismo)

Strangers in Paradise= Atlus Persona Team (Catherine)

Hellblazer = Team Bondi (L.A Noir)

Wonder Woman= Sucker Punch Productions (Infamous)

Batman Beyond= Irrational Games (BioShock)

So there is my list. Hopefully in my lifetime one of these dreams can become a reality. It took decades for super-heroes to break into the film industry with critical acclaim. I believe its time for them to follow suit in the gaming industry.


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