Guilty Beach Volleyball: Ino Vs. Ivy

I was asked to do a picture of Ino from the Guilty Gear Series versus Ivy from the Soulcalibur Series. I have never had the chance to draw either of them so this was a bit of a challenge for me. some if it I wish I did better, but I like the feel of it overall. Plus this one is purely digital without pencil and ink work so i’m really happy i am finally getting the hang of digital inking and coloring. Also it gave me a reason to do some cheesecake art which I never find myself doing.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kevin says:

    NOW yer talking!!! As a die-hard fan of yours, Mike, I’ll only say this every opportunity I get…..more titty art!!!!!!!!! Yer sooo good at it…


    1. ironichamp says:

      Your too much Kevin lol. When I put that one up I immediately lost a follower. I will do those every once in a while. Thank you for digging it!


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