My top 4 PS4 Games To Look Out For!

Besides being an aspiring comic book artist, I consider myself a pretty legit gamer. I have been blessed with the opportunity to own almost every major gaming system from the Nintendo to the aforementioned PS4. I wanted to make a quick list of my top 4 games that may be overlooked this holiday season. I am not going for the obvious or popular choices for this list. So if there are certain games left off it’s either because there well known or just don’t interest me. So here is help for you first time gamers or fans that want something more than a typical military shooter.

4.) Destiny by Activision

DestinyThis is the new IP from the creators of the Halo Series. The one thing that you will immediately notice about this game is how beautiful it looks. It is really showcasing what next generation games have to offer.

You had my curiosity:

Of first glance you can tell this is going to be a huge intergalactic experience. Bungie has proved time and time again that they can bring you unique gaming experiences and lush atmospheres. The game-play looks to be a bit of the same, but in this case that is a good thing.

Now you have my attention:

I am a huge sucker for “create your character” features in games, and here you can do that in spades. You have the option to create your own playing style, weapons and vehicles. Also the multiplayer looks incredible. I am not much of a multiplayer, but I can appreciate the retooled squad dynamic and team interaction. Keep an eye on this one.

3.) The Order: 1886 by Playstation Computer Entertainment

OrderThis one of those games that go directly under the radar at launch. Little is known about this game besides that it is set in Victorian era England where you play as a hunter of supernatural monsters. From the looks of the trailer, your going to be using steam-punk level weaponry to keep the beasts at bay.

You had my curiosity:

I have always wanted a spiritual successor to one of my favorite Playstation one era games “Nightmare Creatures”. If you have never heard of nightmare creature then shame on you, because it was awesome. Fighting legendary monsters in a Gothic setting with strange new weapons is always fun for me.

Now you have my attention:

At first I thought that the trailer was just a cut-scene and that the game-play may look different. After realizing that they were using in game graphics I was immediately hyped. Also this is being made by Ready at Dawn Studios and Santa Monica Studios. The teams that created God of War…. Nuff Said.

2.) Knack by Sony Computer Entertainment

KnackSometimes you just want to have simple fun playing a video game. This harkens back to playing Super Mario Bros as a kid and even as recent as playing Ratchet and Clank. This game recreates all the wonder and beauty of those eariler gaming experiences.

You had my curiosity:

Off first glance you see this game as what it is at heart. A fun game that kids and adults can play. It may not have an globe trotting story-line, or wicked sick multiplayer. What is does have is universal appeal. I want this game for the same reasons I wanted little big planet. Its something to play after a mentally exhausting day and you can just laugh and enjoy yourself.

You have my attention:

What made me pay attention this this game is its beauty. I want games that are really going to showcase the power of the PS4, and I think this will do that. the Environment interaction moments and complex character design reminds me of a million legos all working to build themselves into anything you want them to become. I think it will bring charm and timeless fun to my collection.

1. ) InFamous: Second Son by Sony Computer Entertainment

InfamousCmon, it’s a Infamous game! I have loved what the developer Sucker punch has done with this franchise. From its pseudo super-hero back-story to it’s sandbox environment. I have never regretting purchasing a infamous game. From the looks of this game, this will not be the exception.

You had my curiosity:

I did wonder how this game was going to continue after the end of infamous 2. It’s cool to see that they seem to be starting the game off on a clean slate. Here you play as a new character with new problems and new powers. The environment has always been just as big of a draw as the character, so i’m interested to see how they bring this new world to life.

Now you have my attention:

The game looks great! From the facial expressions to the in game fight scenes it all looks top notch. I wonder how they will showcase this new characters abilities, and how will the build upon an already amazing series. This game is the main reason I am buying a PS4 at launch.

Well there is my list. These are games that I am personally looking forward to. I hope all parents, gamers, girlfriends and boyfriends do your proper research before you bring this beast home. Correct gaming choices is what separates a healthy and fun gaming experience from an overpriced paper weight.

Happy Gaming.


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