Don’t Go In Raven’s Room

Finally Mike has come back to NavalKosmos!

Sorry for the delay in artwork my friends. I have been quite busy in the field of the arts. I have my first published graphic novel appearance coming out this month and working on my own graphic novel. I do plan to post more often now that I am in a rhythm.

That being said I did want to talk about this piece. I loved the teen titans cartoon as a kid and related the most with Raven. The under spoken outcast of the group. I rarely get the draw her, but when I do I try to make it fresh.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kevin H says:

    I love it, Mike!!!! Fantastic overall and her face is mesmerizingly seductive…
    (More booty please :0)


    1. ironichamp says:

      Thanks Kev!!

      The booty must remain mysterious lol.


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