Not so Quick Pic: Fantastic Four

I’ve drawn the Fantastic Four time after time on my website. I like to gauge my growth as an artist by my approach to the team. This one came out ok. I hope you dig it.



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  1. Paul Bowler says:

    Look great! I miss Fantastic Four comics, about time Marvel brought them back.


    1. ironichamp says:

      Awesome thanks! I miss Marvel’s first family a lot. Secret Wars was a good send off for them, but I do hope for a big return someday.

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      1. Paul Bowler says:

        Marvel doesn’t seem the same without the Fantastic Four around, hopefully they will soon 🙂


      2. ironichamp says:

        It really doesn’t. It’s a shame how they have been treated via comics and film. They are my favorite comic book team, and I hope to one day illustrate my own marvel book with them in it.

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      3. Paul Bowler says:

        Yes, that’d be awesome. Well, if I could write one comic series, I think it’d probably be Fantastic Four, I’d love to write a Marvel comic book. Well, I can dream 🙂


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