About Me (Indirectly)

1044895_10152190096923552_1129174067_nMichael Garard Jr.
Comic Book Artist/Graphic Designer

This page was created six years ago…

A lot has changed since I first started this comic art blog with an overwhelming fear in my belly. It has since remained my muse, my way to express myself and my way to share my art with any who would view it.

I am so thankful for those who have been a part of my journey since the beginning. I have gone through many an art slump, creative changes and sometimes questioning my own skill.

Through it all I have had a constant sense of accomplishment from every ” hey that looks cool” and every new follower.I still hope to grow as an artist and it is crazy to see how my art has changed over the years.

I appreciate and care for you all, and hope I will be building upon this blog until im old and grey. I still have so many sights to show you.

From my heart,


Thank you,

Now words from back in time me…

I plan to showcase my recent  artwork and also take requests and suggestions on what my next project should be. I want this to be a central hub for all things geek. So I hope that this can be growing experience for not just me, but all that visit or potentially follow this blog.

Now I do plan to post something new as often as possible. I think that posting when I have something to say rather than giving a set time frame adds more weight to the information rather than my day to day grind. So its going to be either new pics I have done or just questions I may have or answer.  So I hope to receive a lot of feedback from my art so I can grow as an artist. So I hope that the topics I discuss can be interesting and informative.

This is not going to be strictly a comic book related blog. I happen to be a equal opportunity geek. So the topic may be comics, or video games, to music and movies. It is as open as popular culture allows it to be. So be prepared for some random topics from time to time.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kevin Houlihan says:

    Hey Michael!
    It’s always a pleasure viewing your artwork. And I appreciate you accepting the job of creating an original piece for my two boys for a xmas surprise. Your kindred spirit is infused into your work and that’s a big reason why it would be an honor hanging your work on our walls. Continued success to you, bro!!
    Kevin H.
    Torrance, CA


  2. Tami B says:

    Hi Michael,
    Your website and podcast are both amazing. Your attention to detail and your creative imagination are both intriguing and fascinating. Best wishes on your journey is this realm 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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