Visit my Tee Public Storefront!

I have recently created a storefront account for Here you can buy t-shirts, cell phone cases, coffee mugs ETC. featuring my artwork! Click here to visit my storefront. Any purchases you make will help support this blog and videos.

Here are a few sample designs. I will periodically change my T-shirt selection, so check back often!





You want to be a Superhero!

Do you have an idea for a story or a superhero or heroine design but need it to be fleshed out. Then I’m your man. Or you’re just interested in a design for your company, or just want a cute design for a birthday or Christmas card or any holiday. Send me a pitch of your idea, and I will do all in my power to bring it to life.

I specialize in comic book art and fantasy. This being said I can do still life photos, and caricatures at request. Having clear photos to work from is always wanted..

Rates for Artwork:

One 8×10 B&W framed illustration

13139122_10154205997803552_609333130829032063_n  13103365_10154186886188552_2560814932517892138_n13015490_10154164139803552_6272661451153396417_n

one or two characters – $ 15.00

For full colored versions of the illustration. Meaning you receive the original artwork as well as a digital copy of the illustration is double the asking price.

Custom Comic Strips

Sold at your local health food store

5 to 6 Panels- $ 50.00

Greeting Card Illustrations

Till death do you part

B&W- $10.00

Color- $20.00

If the pricing points don’t quite fit want your interested in, just ask. Of course pricing will vary depending on what you are interested in. From wanting a picture of you and your friend as cartoons to the entire cast of Naruto.

For pricing and delivery of artwork please click onto the (contact me) button on my Blog-roll to reach my FaceBook page and all can be arranged.

if you want an example of my artwork and style please visit my gallery.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mz.magz says:

    Im looking for a piece for a tattoo I would like a half page illustration of my top 5 favorite batman villains a piece of each of them. Riddler’s cane top, Twoface’s coin, Penguin’s eye glass, Joker’s card, and Harley’s hat. Please send me pricing and payment methods thank you.


  2. I’ve been looking around WordPress and came across your site, you have some accomplished artwork, I really like it. This past summer I’ve been writing these ridiculous short stories, a lot of people compare the ridiculousness of them to Adventure Time. Anyway, I’ve been posting these stories on my blog and was thinking of making them into a comic/cartoon of some sort. Do you know how to make this possible? If so, I’d appreciate some tips or advice. Thanks.


    1. ironichamp says:

      Hello Tyler,

      Thank you for the support. My best advise would be to find an artist that best fits your writing style. There are tons of great unknown artists, but it’s tough to find one that reflects your vision. I would check websites like Word press and deviant art to find artists who have a comic strip feel. Also visit your local art schools and community colleges and put up flyers that your looking to collaborate with like minded artists. I can tell you that artists have just as hard of a time finding writers that reflect their work.

      I hope this bit of info helps you bring your story to life. If you want to compare notes on your story or want some standard sketches send info to my email address and we can go from there.

      Nice talking with you,


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