Character Study: Black Bolt

Here is a quick pic I wanted to do of the King of the Inhumans. Black Bolt is one of the characters I could never get right. I am happy that I am getting over that barrier.

Team Rocket: Blasting Off Again

Here is a mix up between Pokemon and three different characters with Rocket in their name. I kind of liked the way this one came out. Wobbuffet is there because he is awesome. I hope you like it.

Robin: Boy Wonder

Here is a character study of one my favorite sidekicks. I hope you like the way this one came out.

Tin Foil Hat Time: Is The DCEU An Injustice?

The DC Cinematic Universe is the live action Injustice universe; Will be abandoned for new, brighter cinematic universe. Dc Comics from the start has laid the grown work for this since 2011. In 2011, The “New 52” universe was created as a reboot of their character image Also in 2011, Green Lantern Starring Ryan Reynolds…

Quick Pic, Cash Value: Iron Fist

Im a bit hype over the new Netflix Iron fist trailer, so I felt like drawing him today. Not much to say besides I think it came out ok. I hope you do too.

Welcome Back, Matt: Homage to Matt from Super Best Friends Play

Here is my latest picture based on Matt from Super Best Friends Play. This is a youtube channel that I have been following for quite some time. He had taken a short break and has returned to the fold. There is a reference to the “welcome back Frank”storyline due to his liking of the Punisher….

New Amalgams: Captain Shazam!

Here is the latest pic I wanted to do for my amalgam comics series. This is a mix of Captain Marvel in Marvel comics and Captain Marvel in the DC comics. I wanted to give Carol Danvers a lot of Shaazam’s style but maintain her style was well. I hope you like it.

Challenge of the Super Best Friends!

I wanted to post some fan art I have recently done for my favorite YouTube Channel Super Best Friends Play. One is an homage to the ” Spiderman No More” cover and the other more of a team pic. I love their content and he helps me laugh at the end of a long day…

New Amalgams: The Mariner

Here my latest entry into my Amalgam Comics redesign series. This is The Mariner, a mix of Aquaman and Namor the Submariner. I wanted to give a lot of detail to Aquaman but have bits of mariner in there as well. Definitely wanted to give him dark hair but keep the cool orange fish scale…

New Amalgams: Super-Soldier

Here is my latest character design from the 90’s creation of Amalgam Comics. This is my idea from Super Soldier. This is the mix of Captain America and Superman. For this one, I wanted to focus more on the “soldier” and less on the super. I look a lot of inspiration of the Metal Gear…

New Amalgams: Amazon

Here is the latest entry in my amalgam comics redesign project. This time I wanted to do Amazon. The mix of Wonder Woman and Storm of the X-Men. I really wanted to do something different with this design, keeping the Wonder Woman feel but grounding it in African culture. Storm is my favorite female super…