Feeling Artistic: I like Gold

I found myself in another painting mood so I did this one recently. I like the way it came out so I hope that you do too. Advertisements

Wonder Women: Character Study

This one was inspired by to the theater see all the mothers, daughters, and granddaughters coming to see Wonder Woman. It has been a long time coming for my favorite super-heroine and I am happy they did right by her. I hope you like this one.

Character Study: The Lizard

Here is a quick character study of one of my favorite Spider-Man villains. He just wants to turn people into lizards. Is that so wrong? I hope you like it.

May the Fourth be with Jean

I wanted to do a quick pic for Star Wars day today and figured why can’t Luke Train Jean Grey as well. Please let me know what you think.

Character Study: Xenomorph from “Aliens”

Since the recent Aliens day I have had the strong inspiration to do a pic based on the main antagonist. I wanted to do someone a bit more artsy but the comic fan in me took over.  The guy getting taken out is Burke. Burke is lame. 

Dare to me Scared: Scarecrow Vs. Daredevil

I was a bit inspired by my recent IT picture and wanted to try to blend my two styles. To play with colors and inking and really try to make something original. So I picked the master of fear vs. the man without fear. I hope you dig it.

“IT” came out ok: Pennywise

I felt like painting so I wanted to give this new design a try. I hope this new film can capture some of the terror the original had. I hope you like the way this one came out.

Not so Quick Pic: Fantastic Four

I’ve drawn the Fantastic Four time after time on my website. I like to gauge my growth as an artist by my approach to the team. This one came out ok. I hope you dig it.

Quick Pic, Cash Value: Red Sonja’s Light is Out

Here is a pic inspired by a horror movie night with my mom. I was raised on horror films, and Needed to draw this character. Why Red Sonja is in the future and being chased by a light sensitive ghost? We will never know. I hope you like it.

Trials and Jubilations: The Redux

Every once in a while it is good to try to redraw a picture you have done before. This time I wanted to draw one of my favorite x-women Jubliee with a now famous guest star. Please let me know what you think.

Character Study: Black Bolt

Here is a quick pic I wanted to do of the King of the Inhumans. Black Bolt is one of the characters I could never get right. I am happy that I am getting over that barrier.

Team Rocket: Blasting Off Again

Here is a mix up between Pokemon and three different characters with Rocket in their name. I kind of liked the way this one came out. Wobbuffet is there because he is awesome. I hope you like it.