Here is my first stint at video game reviews. I am a avid video game fan, and when I come across a epic level game I cant wait to talk about it. even if the game is absolutely dreadful, if I happen to pick it up then ill give my two cents about it.

My rating system  is actually quite simple, and here it is just so you understand where i’m coming from in my final say in the game. I don’t take reviews too seriously, but that being said ill say if the game is worth the time or not.

Finish: finish is the top of the pile. Its the game you might have to sell a limb to buy. Its a game your going to come back to over and over.

Color: color is a good game in its own right. Its a game that I would recommend to rent to see if you like it first. Test it out, give it a shot and make the decision to buy. All in all it will be worth your time.

Ink: ink is simply a OK game. it has its flaws and they are quite apparent. Its the type of game your friend already has, and lets you borrow if they are done with it.

Sketch: Sketch  is some spewed from the depths of gaming hell. its a road apple ran over by the hooves of better games. I would not allow it to grace your game system on any level.

Fallout: New Vegas:


If you have played Fallout 3 then you have seen these graphics before. Fallout: new vegas makes no attempt to reinvent the wheel with this one. Going into this game it is known it is not a true sequel, but something to slake the thirst for a new Fallout game. It is a hit and miss due to the glitchy nature of the game, but that will be addressed later in the review. sometimes you will see people walking through and into walls, and animals glitching out into rocks and sometimes comically straight into the air. That being said this is the same graphics system from its predecessor so it can be gorgeous when it wants to be.

Game play:

This game has a hell of a double edged sword when it comes to the game play. the positive aspects of the game do out way the negatives, but the negatives are so pivotal to the game play it may turn off non fans of the game completely. With all Fallout games the amount of time that can be spent in this world can be gargantuan. Besides the main mission which it into itself is fairly large, its the side missions and the secrets sprinkled across New Vegas that keep you coming back. I recommend playing it on “Wild Wasteland” it opens up a completely different side to the game. It will keep you drawn in for hours and hours until you feel comfortable being the supreme destroyer or savior of your own design.

The 500 pound super mutant in the room is the many glitches in the game. I have to say this game has the most glitches Ive ever encountered in any game Ive ever played. I have not encountered a game actually freezing on me since duck hunt on the NES. The freezing is not a once and a while occurrence, it WILL every gaming session you have with this game. From companions disappearing  in the middle of crucial battles, to being stuck in a wall and having to reboot the game numerous times. If the game was not full of epicness I would have asked for a refund.


At the end of the day Fallout: New Vegas is what it set out to be. It is a spiritual extension to the widely popular Fallout 3. It would be considered a glorified DLC if not for the completely new storyline, and its gaming capacity that rivals its predecessor. If you are a fan of the original then I would say this is a must buy, but this is not for someone who was going to buy it regardless. If you are the casual gamer who wanted to know what the fuss was about, this game receives a…


It is not ground braking on any level but can definitely kill a lot of time until a better game comes along.


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