Quick Pic: Maleficent

Here is a quick picture I completed of Maleficient. A bit rusty but I think it came out ok.

MOTN Art Episode 8: Leatherface Darkseid Mashup

Here is some recent artwork for my latest venture. The Master of the Nerdiverse Podcast! It is my podcast where my co host and I go over all that happens within the world of Nerdlife. Click on the image below to give us a listen!

Quick Pic: Etrigan the Demon

On the 100th birthday of the king himself Jack Kirby, I wanted to give tribute with a sketch of a character I do not believe I have ever drawn. This would be my favorite rhyming demon Etrigan. I hope you dig this one.

Character Study: The Batman Who Laughs

These new Batman designs are winning me over and inspiring me to give them a shot. I liked this twisted version of the Dark Knight and I hope you like the way it came out.

Character Study: The Dawnbringer

So Dc Comics is doing a current event where the Justice League must face a team of alternate reality versions of Batman. This is the alternate reality version where Batman becomes an evil Green Lantern. A recent image of a good look of the character was all I needed. I hope you dig it.

Character Study: Mr. Miracle

Here is a recent character study of a character that I have never fully drawn before. Which is strange because Mr. Miracle is my favorite of the New Gods characters. I like the idea of not just doing the character, but including all the things that are involved in their story. I plan on doing…

Quick Pic: Spider- Gwen

Here is a character that I have not really drawn before. So I wanted to make it a bit darker than the art I have seen of her. I hope you like it.

Character Study: The Punisher

Here Is a quick pic of the punisher that I was able to do. I always have a tough time drawing this character and I think this one came out ok.

Character Study: Darkseid

I happened upon a Darkseid quote that really inspired me to draw him today. He was one of my favorite villains and love when he appeared in mixed media. I hope you like this one because I feel like it came out ok.

I Love Wonder Woman but Hate Media

Here is a Wonder Woman picture I did a few months ago but never posted here. It is a homage to one of her earlier comic covers and I feel still carries weight in our current society. I hope you like it.